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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sewing Season

I think it is safe to say that sewing season is in full-swing!  It always sneaks up on me, but it cannot be denied that about the time the fabric store starts really pushing Halloween prints, it is time for me to sharpen my needles and get to work!  Luckily, the weather has turned colder, so I don't feel guilty for shunning the now absent sun to sit and sew.

 First there was the impromptu Halloween Party that forced me to throw together a super-hero costume in half an hour, and then the party at church where we unveiled the official "state" costume for the year. 

Here's little red riding hood!  Now, it's time to get those thanksgiving turkey table favors put together, Christmas stockings and possibly P.J.'s for the family... That is if I don't think of something else to make  first...

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