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Saturday, October 8, 2011

How This Little Piggy Gets to Market

Well, it's official!  I am in business.  I finally placed 100 little pieces of my menagerie of little creatures in my Etsy shop.  Among those items up for sale is a little piggy finger puppet.  I thought it might be fun and kind of informative to show you the journey pink felt goes on to become such an adorable little creature.

First:  I cut out about a million little piggy pieces: cloven hooves, bellies, snouts, and ears.

Next:  The bellies and snouts are sewn into place and then the eyes and other features are embroidered on the face.

Next:  This is the step that makes me smile every time.  Placing all of the little appendages where they are to go.  Because of the nature of sewing the thing together, the arms and ears are placed inward and it looks like the piggy is playing peek-a-boo! Very cute.

Finally:  I cut the whole thing out, turn it right-side-out, snip a gazillion stray threads, a bit of trimming up, and we're done!

Before we go to market, a sample of each design must undergo a stringent product analysis and quality assurance to determine its playability and durability by our expert QA Department.

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