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Friday, February 24, 2012

Leap Year

I cannot imagine anyone will appreciate an "extra" day this year more than I will!  It has been a busy and exciting time here at our house.  My eighteen-year-old twins have gotten their letters of acceptance to the colleges they will attend.  My oldest daughter is finishing up her student teaching and will be looking for a job as a Kindergarten teacher... AND my youngest daughter will be starting Kindergarten. It is fun to think that both my big girl and my little girl will be off to Kindergarten at the same time.   Lots of fun and excitement to say the least. 

Business at Imogene's Tea Garden has been booming!  It has been so fun to extend my reach into international markets.  It is a strange thing to know that at the same time my "chicks" are leaving the nest, that things that I have made are traveling the world.  The joint is really jumping around here!

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