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Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Beginnings

You may have been wondering where I've been for the last few months. Well, I'll tell ya, it has been an amazing journey! 

On the second of November of last year, I was sitting at my computer reflecting on the year our family had just experienced. Four of my five children graduated: one from preschool, two from high school and one graduated with honors from the University of Colorado. I was so pleased with all of their accomplishments, but the joy I felt was bitter-sweet. Each of these precious children are growing up so quickly, and their accomplishments also marked big changes for our family.
My baby headed off to Kindergarten, my 18-year-old twins headed off to college out-of-state, and our oldest daughter started her professional career and moved out of the house. For the first time, three of my children have left the nest. Our big rambling family home became very quiet all too quickly.

The quiet led me to have time to think. Lots of time. As I sat there looking at my screen and thinking. I felt very strongly that the time had come for me to pursue a lifelong dream of attending law school. I registered to take the LSAT and began gathering the documents that very day. Then, it was time to prepare for and take the big test! By the middle of January, I had my score and submitted my applications.

 Before I thought it possible, I received a phone call from my top-pick school. I was accepted! NOW, the real work begins. We're selling the house, and moving the family to another state to engage in this amazing new chapter of our life. I would have never thought it possible that I would be doing this, but I know that it is right.

 Not to worry, I will continue to make and sell puppets for at least the next eight months. The story of each life is a journey and a joy with many many chapters, and I am so excited and grateful to face this newest challenge.


  1. That is awesome! One of my best friends did almost the same thing. (But she didn't move out of state, just from Fresno to LA area)

    1. How funny! I am from Fresno! I wonder if I know your friend!